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Karen O’Connor Rubsam is a CFA charterholder and retired CPA having spent 20+ years in the independent accounting and reinsurance industries.  Karen avidly follows economic and political events and is a proponent of lifelong learning.  While recognizing that everyone is entitled to their own opinions she is a firm believer that we all should be working off the same set of facts.  Karen shares MBFC’s aim to return to an era of straight-forward news reporting.

Latest Reports from Karen O’Connor Rubsam

  • (Update) Special Counsel Mueller Indicts 13 Russian National for Alleged Interference in the US Political System

    By Karen O’Connor Rubsam Shortly after Special counsel Robert Mueller released the indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged interference in the United States political system and the 2016 presidential election, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein held a brief press conference to explain the charges.  The following is a summary of his statements: The […]

  • President Trump Postpones Declassification of the HPSCI Minority Memo

    By Karen O’Connor Rubsam Late Friday, Donald McGahn, Counsel to President Trump released a letter stating that, while President Trump is “inclined to declassify the February 5th Memorandum,” he is unable to do so at this time because the memo contains “numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages.”  The decision to refer the memo back to […]

  • Key Architect of HPSCI Memo Says Process Matters and Supports Mueller’s and Congressional Probes

    By Karen O’Connor Rubsam Rep. Trey Gowdy, one of the key authors of the HPSCI memo on abuses in the Intelligence Agencies was interviewed by Margaret Brennan in a 20-minute long segment of “Face the Nation” which aired on Sunday, February 4, 2018.  As a key player in this process, this interview is receiving significant attention with many news sources quoting segments […]

  • FactChecking the FactChecking of Trump’s State of the Union – A Counterpoint

    By Karen O’Connor Rubsam An October 2017 Pew Reseach Center poll noted that “the partisan split in America is the highest it has been in two decades, with Republicans and Democrats holding vastly disparate views on race, immigration and the role of government.”  Arguably, this is because, not only do we have our own opinions we also have our own […]

  • A Thorough Quoted Summary of the State of the Union Address

    By Karen O’Connor Rubsam Accordingly to a CBS poll, if you were one of the 40 million or so viewers that watched President Trump’s  State of the Union address last night there is a 75% chance you approved of it.  You were also more likely to identify as a Republican or Independent (party identification of viewers was 42% Republican, 25% Democrats and 33% […]



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