Amnesty International

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Factual Reporting: HIGH

Notes: Amnesty International (AI) is a non-governmental organization focused on human rights that claims to have over 7 million members and supporters around the world. The stated objective of the organization is “to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.” The core principle of Amnesty International is a focus on prisoners of conscience, those persons imprisoned or prevented from expressing any opinion other than violence. Along with this commitment to opposing repression of freedom of expression, Amnesty International’s founding principles included non-intervention on political questions, a robust commitment to gathering facts about the various cases and promoting human rights. Governments and their supporters have criticized Amnesty’s criticism of their policies, including those of Australia, Czech Republic,  China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Iran, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia and the United States,for what they assert is one-sided reporting or a failure to treat threats to security as a mitigating factor. The actions of these governments — and of other governments critical of Amnesty International — have been the subject of human rights concerns voiced by Amnesty.

Amnesty International is not without controversy, however from a news reporting standpoint, they are factual and credible. They report with minimal bias, however the issues that they champion are typically those supported by the political left. Based on evidence based reporting we still rate Amnesty on the left side of least biased by our criteria. (D. Van Zandt 7/17/2017)


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