(Media News) Pro-Trump protester Ray Epps files defamation suit against Fox News

Ray Epps, a Trump supporter who became the focus of right-wing conspiracy theories after he protested in Washington on Jan. 6, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News and former host Tucker Carlson for claiming he was an undercover FBI agent who helped provoke the riot at the Capitol that day.

The lawsuit argues that Carlson launched a “years-long campaign” that spread falsehoods that “destroyed” the lives of Epps and his wife, who now reside in Utah but were living in Arizona at the time.

Epps is seeking punitive and compensatory damages to be determined at trial for “economic, emotional, reputational and other injuries.”

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment, nor did a lawyer for Epps.

The lawsuit comes after Michael Teter, a lawyer for Epps, called on then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson to publicly retract his “false and defamatory statements” that claimed Epps was covertly working with the federal government during the attack.

In a letter to host and a lawyer for the network in March, before Carlson left the network, Epps said the host “persists with his assault on the truth” by pushing false and “fanciful notions” about Epps’ role in the Capitol attack.

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