How to Search our Media Bias Ratings with Google

Media Bias Fact Check has rated over 6,250 media sources as of this writing. Coming directly to and using our search bar is the best way to find a source we have reviewed.

However, when browsing the web, it is easier to open a tab and put in a search command. Unfortunately, Google changes its search algorithms frequently, which results in some sources being moved up or down based on the search command used. Further, Google is about to launch its new AI-generated search, which is expected to be unpredictable for web publishers like MBFC. We have no idea what impact it will have on our page rank.

With that said, the best way to find source ratings is simple:

Type in the name of the source “CNN” followed by “MBFC” like this “CNN MBFC” and we will be listed on top for nearly every source we have rated.

That’s it. Give it a try.

Thanks for supporting Media Bias Fact Check!

Dave Van Zandt

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