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The Midterms are here. All claims today are from politicians, PACS, or ads. 

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FALSE Claim by America First Legal: “Kamala Harris said disaster aid should go to non-white citizens first.”

Politifact rating: False (She did not say any particular race would be prioritized in relief efforts.)

Ad decrying racism against whites is wrong that Kamala Harris said non-whites should get aid first

Claim by Derek Schmidt (R): Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is “supporting and funding drag shows for children.” rating: No Evidence (The Kansas state government awarded grants to two nonprofit arts organizations to fund a visiting artist and operating expenses, according to state contracts and one of the groups. Republican efforts to link the funding to all-ages drag shows don’t hold up to scrutiny.)

Kansas State Art Funding Distorted as ‘Drag Shows for Children’ in Governor’s Race

Claim by Liz Cheney (R): Kari Lake and Mark Finchem “have said that they will only honor the results of an election if they agree with it.”

PolitiFact rating: Mostly True (Lake said in one October interview, “I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result,” and in another said she’d accept the result if the election is “fair, honest and transparent.” Before winning his August primary, Finchem vowed he would not concede, saying he would “demand a 100% hand count if there is the slightest hint that there’s an impropriety.”)

In Arizona, GOP candidates Kari Lake and Mark Finchem won’t commit to accepting election results

Claim by Senate Majority PAC: Says “Ron Johnson is making excuses for rioters who tried to overthrow our government, even calling them ‘peaceful protests.’”

Politifact rating: Mostly True (Johnson in various forums has blamed “leftists posing as Trump supporters” for starting the riot, though based on Justice Department charges there has been no sign that was the case. He has also routinely minimized what happened, claiming it was not an armed insurrection. But the ad ignores past statements where Johnson has been more explicit in specifically condemning those who broke the law.)

Ad on Sen. Ron Johnson’s Jan. 6 comments makes a point but comes with caveat

Claim by Kari Lake (R): Katie Hobbs “has voted to double our gas tax.”

Politifact rating: Mostly True (Katie Hobbs co-sponsored a bill in 2018 to raise gas taxes from 18 cents per gallon to 36 cents per gallon. The measure never received a vote by the full Senate.)

Katie Hobbs backed bill to double Arizona gasoline taxes

(Election Bonus): Claim by Kathy Hochul (D): The state is absorbing the cost of overtime pay for farmworkers, and farm owners do not have to pay any more.

Politifact rating: Mostly True (Overtime pay for work beyond 60 hours per week is the responsibility of the farm owner. The tax credits are included in the state budget. They are not designed to end, but a future legislature could eliminate them.)

State to pay for newest farmworker overtime costs, for now

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