Election 2020: Joe Biden Wins to become the 46th President of the United States


According to the Associated Press Joe Biden is projected to be the next President of the United States. Joe Biden won the popular vote by a large margin and was able to capture key battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to secure the victory.  Although votes are still being counted a projection is based on 99.5% certainty.

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America has Spoken. Americans have won!


I am not a Trump supporter, nor a Biden supporter. But objectively speaking, I find it very unfortunate when we consider the Associated Press to be the deciding factor and agency to determine the official results. The results should only be “official” when coming from the final counts and the judgment of the agencies that are in charge of elections.


Not a proponent of either party, they will both abuse the middle east regardless. The 99.5% certainty isn’t true – at all. Especially when polling places claim for a 1%+ margin of error. The election was so close. It’s way too close to call. Especially if the alleged 100k+ ballot bump for biden in Michigan holds any water. This is far from over.


Ironic that you’re a fact-checking website. Fake news/Fact checking is impeding on the first amendment of free press. We have slander laws for a reason, utilize them or make a fool of yourself. The authoritarian attitudes coming from tech and media are becoming too close for comfort.