BREAKING: House approves Trump impeachment procedures over GOP objections


The House passed a resolution on Thursday approving procedures for its impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, opening a new and public phase of the investigation.

The vote was largely along party lines and Republicans objected, alleging that the Democratic inquiry is a farce that has been improperly conducted behind closed doors. House Democrats are now expected to begin holding public hearings in the next few weeks to present testimony against Trump.

Full Story @ NBC News

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1 Comment on BREAKING: House approves Trump impeachment procedures over GOP objections

  1. Thomas Barnes // November 1, 2019 at 8:58 am //

    This is all a play for more time. Also, it’s all BS. The leaders of the coup against #45 can do what they want to make sure their case will be presented in a way they want it to be presented. This means nothing. Once their smoke screen clears and they do decide to hold a hearing everything they have been so secretive about will come out and all those they have prohibited from conducting a cross examined now will be available then.
    Also, if what they are doing in unconstitutional why hasn’t someone on the right filed to have it stopped? It’s not. It’s an abuse of their power but it will all come out when their “day in court” arrives.

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