Judge grants Sandy Hook families request to depose Alex Jones

A Superior Court judge Wednesday ordered Alex Jones to sit for a five-hour deposition by attorneys for the parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims who are suing him for calling the 2012 massacre a hoax on his “Infowars” show.

Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis issued a ruling authorizing attorneys for Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder to depose Jones and three other defendants for a total of 19 hours. Bellis ruled the families are “entitled to conduct discovery likely to lead to admissible evidence for the purposes of opposing the motions to dismiss.”

Full Story @ Hartford Courant


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1 Comment on "Judge grants Sandy Hook families request to depose Alex Jones"

  1. Good. Hope this dirtbag winds up in jail where he belongs. Jones has defrauded his fans of millions and millions of dollars, spreading fear, hate, connedspiracy and ignorance. He’s advocated for civil war against other Americans repeatedly. He’s way overdue for real justice.


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