The Latest Fact Checks from IFCN Fact Checkers 1/5/2019


The code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network IFCN at Poynter is a series of commitments organizations abide by to promote excellence in fact-checking. The following fact checks come from IFCN fact checkers. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim by Jeff Merkley: The president is “sitting on over $1 billion, 94 percent of what we sent him last year for border security he hasn’t bothered to spend.”
 rating: Misleading

Claim by Danielle Ryan: “In reality, Russia is as safe for American tourists (or any other tourists, for that matter) as any other European country is — and the fact that a former official who really should know better is perpetuating the myth of deep, dark, dangerous Russia is utterly ridiculous.”

Claim by Social media posts: “ALL the Democrats voted AGAINST the 2.8% Social Security cost of living increase” rating: False

Claim by Donald Trump: “Mexico is paying for the Wall through the new USMCA Trade Deal.”

Claim by Multiple Sources: A Chinese lunar rover found no evidence of American moon landings.

Claim: New Yorkers can select a gender-neutral option on their birth certificates.


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