Many Agree With Trump That Media Is ‘Enemy,’ Poll Shows

This isn’t fake news: Fewer people now believe that the media is the “enemy of the people,” despite a prolonged anti-press campaign by President Donald Trump. Still, 31 percent believe the media isn’t serving the public—though that number is down from a high of 39 percent shortly after the president took office earlier this year.

Newsweek - Left Center Bias

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Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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2 Comments on "Many Agree With Trump That Media Is ‘Enemy,’ Poll Shows"

  1. I think the fact that even liberal media have virtually disappeared our poverty crisis, acknowledging no one worse off than minimum wage workers (in a country that lost millions of jobs), shows that there is a real problem with US media. Now add in the (lack of) quality of our media’s wildly convoluted “Russiagate” — claims that Russia somehow had mysterious influence over election results, even if (evidently) no one can explain just what they did — is certainly indicative of a gravely flawed news media.

  2. As long as you cite left-wing sources like RationalWiki and the SPLC for their interpretation of the people on the right, and lump all controversial right-wing figures into the alt-right, MBFC will never be free from its own bias.
    (Same goes for vice versa, but as MBFC is now, it leans left with little understanding of how few people are in the actual “alt-right”)
    (The SPLC? Seriously? Pepe is not a hate symbol and has been used by people on all sides to make internet jokes.)


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