Trump makes false claims about US nuclear arsenal

WASHINGTON — Hours after warning North Korea that it will meet “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if its leader, Kim Jong Un, continued to provoke the United States, President Donald Trump said the U.S. nuclear arsenal is “stronger than ever before.” “My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our…

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4 Comments on "Trump makes false claims about US nuclear arsenal"

  1. And all you idiots are proud of telling an enemy that has threatened a nuclear attack that we are bluffing. Thank you for that. I’ll be sending your GPS coordinates to Mr. Kim.

  2. With Republicans working to build support for a war against China, and Democrats working to build support working to build support for a war against Russia, how many nuclear bombs would it take to put an end to the US? Seriously. And bluecat, don’t be so naive. Each of the three world powers already knows the nuclear capabilities of the other two.

  3. I’m not naive. Im simply pointing out that a gun free zone is a shooting gallery for criminals. You don’t have to point out every error or exaggeration. If the was the standard then why is this blog not fact checking the daily lies of the Democrats? And the left leaning media. Those groups lies are doing more harm to America the any of Trumps exaggerations or embellishments.

  4. Russia will be destroyed, when that nation joins in the attempt to destroy Israel. I get this information from the Holy Bible. The same Book shows that the US will remain a procter of Israel, meaning we will not be destroyed, when the Lord, along with his multitude of angels, re turns to save His people (Israel) from total anihilation!

    I’ve learned this, since worrying that the Muslim (Obama), along with his anti-Israel goals would cause the Lord’s wrath to end the US. Well, Obama may have wanted to but he failed and, now that Trump is in office, we may, soon, see WWIII, although it won’t be because of Trump’s doing.
    World War III was prophesied in the Holy Bible and all biblical prophesies either have or will come true!

    So, the people, who are playing politics, thinking the world will last forever, are sadly mistaken. You’ll beither be known as the good fruit or the bad and, unfortunately, the bad will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.


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