GOP Senators unveiling health care bill, includes major cuts to Medicaid

On Thursday Republican Senators sat down to listen to a presentation of a “discussion draft” on the long awaited, GOP senate healthcare bill. The details of which have only been discussed behind closed doors, keeping the bills contents under tight wraps.

The Bill which could be voted on as early as next week will put President Trump and the Republican party at the forefront of drastically overhauling the Health Care System, which currently accounts for a sixth of the US economy.

The Bill, which the Senate has promised for the past 7 years makes drastic cuts to Medicaid, however the bill would continue the Enhanced Medicaid program brought in by Obama until 2021 and after that would begin to wind it down.

The goal of the bill is to create a Federal tax credit system in order to help people buy Health Insurance and it aims to allow states to drop benefits such as Maternity Care and Emergency Services which were made mandatory by the Affordable HealthCare Act. It will also remove taxes on the rich and insurers brought in by Obama.

It is not yet known if McConnell, the senate majority leader will be able to pass the bill comfortably. Much like in the House there is a deep division between moderate republicans who may see it as too conservative and conservative republicans who may see it as far too liberal. Neither group will want to risk their re-election.

The main issues lying between the two groups are Medicaid, the state stability fund and tax credits, with both factions fearing they will fall on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

The Bill passed by the house last month was deemed “too mean” by President Trump after it was revealed that it would leave 23 million more Americans without Health Insurance.

The Bill is seen as vitally important to the current Republican government who for years have opposed ObamaCare with the Senate majority leader constantly slamming Obamacare, claiming “ObamaCare is collapsing”.

This will be the first time that the majority of the GOP senate members will get a look at the bill.

By Aaron O’Leary – Media Bias Fact Check

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