Gerrymandering issue to go to the Supreme court


The titanic issue of electoral district manipulation, otherwise known as Gerrymandering is set to be taken up by the Supreme Court in what will surely prove to be a momentous case, one which could drastically affect the balance of power between Republicans and Democrats.

At the heart of the Case is whether Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin redrew electoral districts to such an extent in order to favour their party that it violated the Constitutional rights of Democrat voters.

A lower court had already previously deemed the districts as unconstitutional.

Just as the Justices announced on Monday that they would hear the case, the majority of 5 conservative justices voted to halt the order issued by the lower court to redraw the districts by November.

Gerrymandering is a longstanding issue in American politics with both parties historically looking to gain partisan advantage when in control of redrawing districts.

By Aaron O’Leary – Media Bias Fact Check

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