Media Bias/Fact Check Makes WND’s Fakest Fact Checkers List

WND (World Net Daily) has included Media Bias/Fact Check in their top 9 fakest news fact checkers list. Although we are not familiar with a few sources they included on the list, we are thrilled to be included with Politifact, Snopes,, and the International Fact-Checking Network (Poynter Institute). These are the best and most credible fact checkers in the business.  Thank you WND! We appreciate being put into such a high class.

Here is a little history of how all this happened. A few days ago, a so called editor from WND named Chelsea Schilling contacted me to complain about WND’s far right rating. She also asked me several questions that I answered honestly via email.  Most of the answers to these questions are already published on our website. I must admit to being shocked that she illegally used quotes from our personal email exchange in her story. I was not informed I was being interviewed for an article. It would not have changed my answers, but it would have been nice to give consent to the use of my words. However, it is not surprising that a source with credibility as low as WND would resort to illegal tactics such as this.

I fully expected retaliation from WND after MBFC exposed their horrible track record with facts, open racism and constant right-wing propaganda. This is something that we always expect and I am certain there will be more who will reject the evidence of their extreme bias. We will not be deterred. We will continue to expose conspiracy theorist, pseudoscience promoters, propagandists, and extreme bias no matter what side it falls on and bear the consequences.

The WND article tries to paint a picture that MBFC is hiding something. All 1500 pages on our website has links to our about page and methodology.  All 1500 have links to our terms of service and disclaimers. We do not hide that our methodology is not scientifically proven. It is virtually impossible to scientifically measure a level of bias. There has to be a subjective, human component which is what we have. We have multiple researchers from different backgrounds and political ideologies that help reduce any individual biases we may have. To borrow from Donald Trump: The failing WND is desperate in their attempt to hide their extreme bias and mostly fake news. Sad!

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5 Comments on "Media Bias/Fact Check Makes WND’s Fakest Fact Checkers List"

  1. Why do people knowingly post fake news on social media so blatantly?

  2. @Lisa
    I’m gonna guess it’s like tribalist fashion statements in a world where we’re not physically present? also with the comment sections to these websites it creates a community, like a fandom! *grimly* like a party.

    so basically it’s like signs of like “beware! i’m of this tribe & i’ll ,, you if you ain’t!”

  3. David F Mayer | April 2, 2017 at 8:11 pm |

    Congratulations! That is indeed an honor.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. lol you lot get so salty when faced with criticism

  5. James Parsons | December 15, 2018 at 11:50 am |

    It’s not illegal to use quotes from a private email exchange in a news story. You need to check your own facts there. If you really think it’s illegal, I challenge you to cite which specific law you’re referring to.

    Also, while you claim that “The failing WND is desperate in their attempt to hide their extreme bias and mostly fake news,” your current Factual Reporting rating for WND does not support that. You rate their Factual Reporting as “Mixed,” the same rating you give to reputable news sources like CNN, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. If you think WND is less factual than these major news sources, your Factual Reporting rating should reflect that.

    Obviously, biased and dubious news sources have a vested interest in attacking the messenger, but Media Bias/Fact Check should not stoop to their level.


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