Fact Check: Hillary Clinton “Small Percentage of Funding from Financial Sector”


By Dave Van Zandt (12/20/15)

blatant-lieDuring the Democratic Presidential Debate Martin O’Malley criticized Hillary Clinton’s heavy campaign donations by the financial sector.  Secretary Clinton responded by stating that she only receives a small percentage from the financial sector.  Clinton then challenged people to go to Open Secrets and see for themselves where her donations are coming from.  I took the challenge.  Here are the numbers:

Top 5 Donors from 1999-2015

Contributor Total Amount
Citigroup Inc. $824,402
Goldman Sach $760,740
DLA Piper $673,530
JP Morgan Chase $696,456
Morgan Stanley $631,564

The table above shows that 4 out of the top 5 donors are from the financial sector. When breaking down her total contributions by industry she actually collects the most from Law Firms, followed by Retired People and then the Financial Sector.  Since 1999 Clinton has collected over 12 million dollars from the financial sector.

Results: 4 out of the top 5 donors are from the financial sector.  However, in overall collections the financial sector is ranked 3rd or 12+million dollars.  Clinton stated that the financial sector represents a small percentage of her donations.  The evidence shows that she collects a significant percentage from the financial sector.  We rate this Totally Bullshit.



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