(Opinion) Congress: Drowning Us Through Inaction

(12/9/15) It is not that we are anti “thoughts and prayers” but that we are anti “thoughts & prayers” when it is used as an excuse for inaction. Example: let’s just pretend that I am a lifeguard, standing 6 feet from the deep end of the pool where your child has just fallen in the water and is drowning.  As you approach me, screaming, “save him, save him!” I respond not with actions, but by saying, “my thoughts and prayers are with you.” Get it? It is the best analogy I have to compare the inaction of Congress, in light of the seemingly endless tragedies caused by rampant, unfettered and under regulated gun proliferation. If it was your child drowning, wouldn’t you want the lifeguard to do more than just offer hopes and prayers? Wouldn’t you expect them to act and do their job to keep the pool safe and to save your child from drowning?

By Maggie MacLagan

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