Mass Shootings by Year


(12/6/15) In a previous report I presented total number of gun background checks (sales)by year which showed a dramatic increase over the last 6 years.  With this in mind I wanted to see if mass shootings have increased or decreased to go along with increased gun possession.  Calculating mass shootings is very subjective.  If you count every time 2 or more people were shot the total for 2015 alone would be 353.  The FBI classifies a mass shooting as anytime 4 or more people were killed by a gun.  For objectivity we will use the FBI statistics.

Results: It is not possible to correlate increased guns with increased mass shootings.  In 2012 there was a record 7 mass shootings.  If this anomaly is removed mass shootings average around 2-3 per year.  Here is a chart for reference:

Mass Shootings by Year

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