Opinion:Trump Up, Carson Down. Why?

Last updated on February 16th, 2017 at 04:48 pm

Just one month ago Dr. Ben Carson took the lead over Donald Trump in national polls.  Things have changed dramatically in that one month span.  In the latest national poll conducted by ABC/Washington Post on 11/22/15 Donald Trump has taken a commanding 10 point lead over Ben Carson.  What is interesting about this quick shift is that for the last month both Trump and Carson have been caught red handed lying to the public.  Both have said outrageous things that are both inflammatory and racist.  So why has Trump risen dramatically and Carson fallen?  I believe the reason is that Trump more clearly represents the conservative base.  Trump speaks their language and he does it in a WWE style that seems to appeal to them.  Carson on the other hand simply comes off as a kind person even when he is saying vile things.  This simply will not cut it with the rabid base.  Dr. Carson’s campaign is effectively over and you will see a sharp rise for Ted Cruz who will ratchet up the rhetoric as we move forward.

Written by Dave Van Zandt

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