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Tony Evers Governor of Wisconsin

Tony Evers - Left-Center Bias - Liberal - Progressive - DemocratFactual Reporting: Mixed - Not always Credible or Reliable

Tony Evers is currently the Governor of Wisconsin. He is a member of the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. We assign Tony Evers a Left-Center Biased and Mixed factual rating due to numerous failed fact-checks.

Tony Evers

State: Wisconsin
Title: Governor (2019 – Current)
Political Party: Democrat
Political Alignment: Left-Center
Factual Rating:  Mixed


  • Teacher/principal  (1980)
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin (2009)
  • Governor of Wisconsin (2019-Present)

Stance on Key Policies:

  • Abortion Rights: Favorable – Governor Tony Evers and Assembly Democrats reintroduced a bill to repeal Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban ahead of the state Supreme Court election debate.
  • Economy: Regulated Capitalism – He has made significant investments in healthcare, education, and infrastructure.
  • Climate Change: Supports Action – He acknowledges climate change and supports action to combat it.
  • Education: Public Schools – He supports public schools and has proposed significant investments in K-12 education.
  • LGBTQ Rights: Yes –  Governor Tony Evers is pro-LGBTQ rights, as evidenced by his actions prioritizing the advancement of LGBTQ+ equality, such as enacting non-discrimination protections for transgender state employees and vetoing anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.
  • Gun Ownership: Gun Control – He proposed a series of gun control and safety measures in his 2023-25 biennial budget.
  • Immigration: Make it easier to Immigrate – As part of Governor Tony Evers’ 2023-’25 budget proposal, there is a provision to restore driver’s licenses to all adults, irrespective of their immigration status.
  • Health Care: Market-Based Health Care – He supports market-based health care but with significant government involvement.
  • Overall: Moderate Liberal – His positions suggest that he supports government regulation in areas like the economy and climate change but also believes in market solutions in areas like healthcare.

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Failed Fact Checks

(M. Huitsing 05/25/2023)

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