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Media Bias Fact Check is a growing website that averages 3 million+ page views per month and growing steadily each year.

We want to expand our news publishing to create a more dynamic experience and provide news that people can trust. We are not looking for freelance writers. We are looking for sources who rank High for factual reporting and fall within the Left-Center, Least Biased and Right-Center categories, to allow us to republish their news articles. If you are not on our list we would need to review you for vetting purposes. We would select only the articles that fall within our niche of media bias, fact-checking and important political stories. We do not want all of your content, only an article here and there that fits our website. The goal is to gather several sources willing to allow us this opportunity, so we can create a diverse publishing experience for our audience.

What is in it for you? If you agree to allow us to republish your stories we will obviously credit you and provide multiple links to the full article and your website. This is an opportunity to have your website shared with people who value factual, low biased reporting, which will increase your credibility in this highly polarized political climate. In essence, this is a trade. More content for our audience and exposure to a diverse and educated readership for you. Having us link to you will also improve your SEO.

If you are interested in letting us share your great news stories contact us here:

Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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