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Government Type: Federal Presidential Republic
Chief of State/Government: President Lula Da Silva
Political Party: PT Workers Party
Political Position: Left

Press Freedom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: 65.34 – Moderate Freedom
World Press Freedom Rank:
Brazil 92/180

Reporters without Borders says violence against journalists in Brazil, specifically after Jair Bolsonaro’selection as president, has been “feeding a climate of hate and suspicion towards journalism” Another issue RSF draws attention to is the concentration of ownership of media in the hands of big business families and their relationship with politicians. Reuters reports in 2020, “Brazil’s four largest news media outlets said they have withdrawn their reporters from coverage of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’sofficial residence due to the lack of security to protect them from heckling and abuse by his supporters.”

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

In Brazil, most mass media outlets are privately owned and not funded by the government, except for public broadcasting TV and Radio networks such as Empresa Brasil de Comunicação. However, the government is planning to privatize them as well. Media ownership in Brazil is highly concentrated through family conglomerates that dominate the nation and threaten plurality. These dynasties own TV, radio, printed media, and online outlets, with cross-ownership of different media types being standard practice.

For example, the biggest TV network Globo Network and magazines and newspapers are all owned by Organizações Globo. In another example, one of Brazil’s largest publishers, Editora Abril, is part of the holding company Grupo Abril. Another issue is that politicians, through their families, are also indirectly involved in media ownership.

The Brazilian Constitution prohibits this practice; however, this continues. Media Ownership Monitor gives examples of politicians who own media companies, such as Vittorio Medioli, who is the former federal deputy and the owner of Super Notícias and O Tempo, as well as “three other newspapers, an internet portal, a WebTV channel, and an FM radio station.”Other families whose members are elected politicians and in the media business include Câmara, Faria, Mesquita, and “the Macedo family, which controls the Record Group and the Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus evangelical church.” In addition to a high concentration of media ownership by families, the issue of public funding used in media advertising also threatens BrBrazil’sress freedom. Furthermore, another threat to the media is Brazil’s former far-right President Bolsonaro, who promoted dangerous anti-media rhetoric.

In conclusion, the media is influenced by corporate entities and family dynasties that have connections to the government. Add in anti-media sentiments by the former President, and you have a perfect recipe for a reduction in press freedom and limitations on plurality.

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