Antigua and Barbuda Government and Media Profile

Antigua and Barbuda Political Orientation

Antigua and Barbuda Political bias is left-Center, liberal, progressiveAntigua and Barbuda government and media country profile


Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy (UK)
Head of State/Government: Prime minister Gaston Browne is the head of government, and King Charles III is the head of state.
Political Party: Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP)
Political Position: Center-Left

Press Freedom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: 71.68 – Mostly Free
World Press Freedom:
Antigua and Barbuda 93/100 

Antigua and Barbuda generally uphold press freedom, despite seditious libel being criminalized under the Sedition and Undesirable Publications Act.

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

Most media outlets in Antigua and Barbuda are owned by a few media companies affiliated with the current government or opposition party. The most prominent print media in Antigua and Barbuda is The Daily OBSERVER newspaper, the flagship company of the OBSERVER Media Group, which now operates under the name NewsCo Limited. NewsCo also includes Observer Radio 91.1 FM, HITZ FM,, and Observer Publications. Its ownership remains undisclosed. The OBSERVER group is known as “opposition-friendly. Another commercial radio station is ZDK Liberty Radio. 

Regarding broadcast media, the government regulates the broadcasting sector through Antigua & Barbuda Broadcasting Services, which operates the majority of radio and television programming, such as ABS TV and ABS Radio. Political and religious groups own various stations, such as Progressive Radio (formerly Crusader Radio), which is affiliated with the United Progressive Party.

Online media is gaining popularity in Antigua and Barbuda, with news websites such as Antigua News Room and Daily Observer providing online news and information.

Overall, the media in Antigua and Barbuda is relatively free compared to other Caribbean countries. However, concerns about editorial independence and government influence remain, despite private media outlets operating independently.

Country Rating Methodology

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