Media News: Chris Licht out at CNN after tumultuous run as CEO

CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht is stepping down from his position, according to an announcement by the news organization’s parent company.

Licht, who took over in February 2022 after Jeff Zucker’s resignation, faced challenges during his tenure, including a push to move the network towards the political center.

In a statement, Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav praised Licht’s work and expressed confidence in CNN’s team. An interim leadership team, including executives Amy Entelis and Virginia Moseley, will guide CNN for the time being.

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Summary by Dave Van Zandt

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1 Comment on "Media News: Chris Licht out at CNN after tumultuous run as CEO"

  1. Richard Babylon | June 11, 2023 at 3:04 pm |

    I don’t watch CNN, but because many people do I’m glad Licht is gone. The goal of moving the network more toward the political center is fine, even admirable. But if the Trump town hall event was his brainchild — or even if it wasn’t (he still allowed it) — he deserved to be fired. That’s not moving toward the right; that’s moving down from a credibility I was already wary of, at least regarding the TV network’s opinion hosts. Licht had to know Trump would continue to do what he’s always done: lie, complain, insult, blame, gaslight, and attempt to drag the rest of the world into his delusional one. So it was an irresponsible move to continue to poison the American well by giving that self-serving baby — that twice-impeached, twice-indicted demagogue a new platform for his whining, and an audience of sycophants! I lean slightly to the left, but Republicans and conservatives are not the enemies. Disinformation, fear-mongering, corruption, ignorance, and delusion are the enemies.


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