MBFC’s Weekly Media Literacy Quiz Covering the Week of May 13th – May 20th

Welcome to our weekly media literacy quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge of the past week’s events with a focus on facts, misinformation, bias, and general media literacy. Please share and compare your results.

Media Literacy = the ability to critically analyze stories presented in the mass media and to determine their accuracy or credibility.

Media Literacy Quiz for Week of May 20

Test your knowledge with 7 questions about current events, media bias, fact checks, and misinformation.

Rules: No Googling! Use reasoning and logic if you don't know.

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1 Comment on "MBFC’s Weekly Media Literacy Quiz Covering the Week of May 13th – May 20th"

  1. Richard Babylon | May 20, 2023 at 1:54 pm |

    I’m delighted that I got all 7 correct this time because it was the most important quiz so far, in my view, and because I struggled with two of the questions. #5 was the most challenging, as I knew one of the answers was correct for sure, but to lesser degrees each of the others seemed to fit, too.
    I liked the quiz because it tests reasoning instead of just knowledge of current events. The latter is of course important, but if a news consumer has reasoning skills — which are clearly lacking in many people, and which I strongly feel should be taught in school at multiple grade levels — s/he can often get a good idea whether something is plausible or fake even when they haven’t read or heard the story. It’s hard to overstate what a treasure that is to its owner and to society at large, and how many problems could be quickly solved! It’s great how you’re trying to educate people about this, and I’ve shared the quiz with others, hoping it will grow in popularity.


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