The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 5/18/2021

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Each day Media Bias Fact Check selects and publishes fact checks from around the world. We only utilize fact-checkers that are either a signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) or have been verified as credible by MBFC. Further, we review each fact check for accuracy before publishing. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim Codes: Red = Fact Check on a Right Claim, Blue = Fact Check on a Left Claim, Black = Not Political/Conspiracy/Pseudoscience/Other

Claim via Social Media: “There were in fact watermarks on the ballots in Arizona.” rating: False

Myth of Ballot Watermarks Flushed Out Again

Claim by Dr. Douglas G. Fran Via Mike Lindell video: 2010 national census data was used to manipulate the 2020 election rolls and to inject phantom votes into the election totals

The Dispatch Fact Check rating: False

Fact Checking Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Interference’ Video

Lindell TV Rating

TRUE Claim by Buzzfeed: In May 2021, a Buzzfeed report claimed to find U.S. President Joe Biden’s personal account on the cash-sharing app, Venmo. rating: True

Does Biden Have a Personal Venmo Account?

Buzzfeed Rating

FALSE Claim via Social Media: A child was kidnapped at a Sam’s Club in Omaha, Nebraska

USA Today rating: False

Fact check: Sam’s Club child abduction story is decades-old hoax

Claim by Terry McAuliffe (D): “Every single Petersburg (Va.) school was accredited when I left office.”

Politifact rating: Mostly False

McAuliffe overstates school progress in Petersburg, Va. during his governorship

FALSE (International: Pakistan) Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says it is not essential for Muslims to accept Prophet Mohammad is the last prophet of Allah

AFP Fact Check rating: False

Facebook posts misquote Pakistan PM’s comments on Prophet Mohammad

Disclaimer: We are providing links to fact checks by third-party fact-checkers. If you do not agree with a fact check, please directly contact the source of that fact check.

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