The Latest Fact Checks from the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) 02/13/2020

The code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network IFCN at Poynter is a series of commitments organizations abide by to promote excellence in fact-checking. The following fact checks come from IFCN fact checkers. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim by Bernie Sanders: “The young vote, of people under 29 years of age, increased by 33% over where it was four years ago, and was even higher than Obama’s extraordinary victory in 2008.” rating: Misleading

Sanders Spins Young Voter Turnout in Iowa

Claim by Donald Trump: “Our new (health care) plans are up to 60% less expensive and better” than Obamacare.

PolitiFact rating: Mostly False

Better than other plans or better than nothing? Trump’s claim about ‘affordable’ options

Claim on Facebook: Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren once said, “Having an abortion is no different than someone having their tonsils removed.”

Check Your Fact rating: False


Claim by Facebook posts: “Trump’s daughter works at the White House. Her husband works at the White House. Rudy’s son works at the White House. Barr’s son-in-law works at the White House. Barr’s daughter works at Treasury. Trump’s sons do foreign business. Trump’s daughter is getting Chinese patents and…

PolitiFact rating: Mostly True

Fact-checking how many Trump relatives and friends are in the White House, administration

Claim by Donald Trump: Video shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up the president’s speech immediately after he honored the Tuskegee airman, retired Brig. Gen. Charles E. McGee, and then again after other White House guests. rating: False

Video: Trump’s Misleading Post on Pelosi Ripping Up SOTU Address

International Fact Checks

Claim by “ripcurl_models” Instagram account: A post on Instagram headlined “Ripcurl Model Application” is attracting a lot of shares and comments with an apparent call for “Models aged 11-21” to represent surfwear brand Rip Curl.

AAP FactCheck – Australian Associated Press rating: False

Claim by Social Media: BJP letter where Manoj Tiwari asks Modi and Amit Shah to not campaign in Delhi

Claim by Michael Russell: Scotland pays out more than it gets back

The Ferret rating: False

Michael Russell claim Scotland ‘pays out more than it gets back’ from UK is False

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