The Latest Fact Checks from the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) 12/21/2019

The code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network IFCN at Poynter is a series of commitments organizations abide by to promote excellence in fact-checking. The following fact checks come from IFCN fact checkers. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim by Amy Klobuchar: Says Pete Buttigieg ran statewide in Indiana and “lost by 20 points.”

Claim by Joe Biden: “You have to have congressional authority” to close Guantanamo Bay prison.

Claim by Doug Collins: “In November 2019, Speaker Pelosi said it would be ‘dangerous’ to leave it to voters to determine whether President Trump stays in office.”

Claim by AnalyzingAmerica: “Impeachment Backfiring: SECOND Democrat Leaves The Party In 24 Hours.”
 rating: False

Claim by Jim Himes: Says President Donald Trump “has not given this Congress a single email, phone record or document.”

International Fact Checks

Claim by Facebook Posts: Video shows Bangladeshi nationals traveling with Indian passports arrested at a Saudi airport

Claim by Multiple sources: Underwater statues of slaves thrown overboard

Claim by Multiple sources: Video of White Island’s volcanic eruption in New Zealand

Disclaimer: We are providing links to fact checks by the IFCN. If you do not agree with a fact check, please directly contact the source of that fact check.

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