Democrats capture majority in House, Republicans gain in Senate

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Democrats won a majority of seats in Tuesday’s midterm elections which will allow them to halt much of the Republican’s legislative agenda and launch investigations using subpoena powers into Russian interference, ethics scandals involving the White House, the president’s tax returns, among other issues.

Democrats are likely to make getting Trump’s tax returns a priority through the Ways and Means Committee, which can request the returns from the treasury secretary.

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace, a former official in the George W. Bush White House, said that the result “changes everything” for the president.

“I worked in a White House — a Republican White House with a Democratic-controlled House — and I turned over my emails six times,” Wallace said. “They will all have lawyers, they will all turnover their emails,” she added, referring to White House aides.

Former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell wrote in a Fox News opinion piece that Democrats should also seek to legislate and compromise, saying focusing purely on investigations would be a “grievous mistake.”

Additional information via MBFC

Although not all Senate races are confirmed as of this writing, it appears Republican’s will gain 3 additional seats in the Senate, bringing their total to 54.


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