House Democrats Are Planning to Release 3,000 Facebook Russia-Linked Election Ads

The ads may be released as early as this week, according to The Wall Street Journal, but first Facebook and Democrats must determine what and how much user data will be retracted ahead of the release.

It found 470 accounts linked to the Internet Research Company, “that bought the 3,000 ads during a two-year period intended to amplify social and political tensions during and after the 2016 presidential elections,” according to The WSJ.

Source: Fortune

Fortune: Right-Center


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1 Comment on "House Democrats Are Planning to Release 3,000 Facebook Russia-Linked Election Ads"

  1. DHFabian | May 7, 2018 at 2:27 pm |

    Uh huh. Took quite a long time to create that list. Will we (public) actually get a chance to see these ads for ourselves? Will this finally explain why Clinton got the most votes in 2016 (Google official election results/learn how electoral college process works)? Did these ads hypnotize Dem voters into abandoning everything they believe, to vote for Trump? And who will we blame for the 2020 election?


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