Support for Trump is a Litmus Test in Upcoming GOP Primaries

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By Jim Fowler

A year after President Trump won the presidency; GOP primary candidates in Ohio, Indiana, and W. Virginia are aligning themselves with the President in an attempt to garner support from the Republican base.
The candidates, while not trying to copy Trump’s speaking style, are trying to position themselves as part of the “MAGA” agenda currently being pushed by the Trump administration and is popular among the Republican base.


Three candidates in Indiana, Rep. Luke Messer, Rep. Todd Rokita, and businessman Mike Braun are vying to run against Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly who is running unopposed in the primary.
In Ohio, Rep. Jim Renacci, is leading a crowded field of candidates and has garnered the support of President Trump.

The W. Virginia GOP primary debate has become the most heated contest with Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Rep. Evan Jenkins each trying to out “Trump” the other. The third candidate in the race is Don Blankenship, former Chairman and CEO of Massey Energy Company who spent a year in prison for conspiring to violate mine safety standards.

These races could provide a blue print for the November primaries as candidates gear up their campaigns.


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