News Outlets, Social Media Team Up to Qualify Credible News

Seventy-five news organizations teamed with social media giants Facebook and Twitter as well as Google and other tech firms Thursday in an initiative to identify “trustworthy” news sources shared online. … articles posted online and will indicate how a story was reported, the media company’s standards and the writer’s credentials. Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been criticized for spreading fake

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1 Comment on "News Outlets, Social Media Team Up to Qualify Credible News"

  1. Seriously? In other words, US media corporations, via social media, will work to discredit any information that doesn’t confirm with the “official narrative.” The same media that persistently pushed the claims about “Iraq’s stockpiles of WMD, even after it was found that those stockpiles never existed in the first place. The same media that currently work hard to build support for a catastrophic world war, the US vs. Russia and China, going back to the lies about some mysterious Russian interference in the 2016 election. And we should just trust them to effectively censor the news.


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