Trump: Putin told me ‘he didn’t meddle’ in US election

US president Donald Trump on Saturday said Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin told him that “he didn’t meddle” in US elections that propelled the billionaire former reality star to the White House. Trump’s relationship with Moscow has stalked the first year of his presidency, with key former aides under a US investigation for alleged collaboration with the Kremlin.

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2 Comments on "Trump: Putin told me ‘he didn’t meddle’ in US election"

  1. Actually, it was known months ago that Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 election. Many did note that shortly after the election, the Clinton camp jumped from the predictable “Trump stole the election” to the inexplicable “Russia stole the election.” The Clinton wing have worked ever since then to build a tale to support that claim, and every allegation to date has fallen flat under the weight of the facts.

    For those who still fancy a Putin/Trump partnership: Note that since Trump took over, there has been a buildup of US/NATO troops near the Russian border, seen by the world as a potential US provocation of war. Putin was not surprised. (In fact, it was clear that Putin was quite aware that either candidate ensured worsening relations.) Now add in the Trump economic sanctions against Russia, recognized as economic warfare. Not a gesture of friendship.

  2. Media Bias Fact Check | November 11, 2017 at 4:41 pm |

    I suppose it comes down to whether you trust the intelligence agencies that say the Russians did meddle or President Trump and Putin.


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