Trump Attacks Connecticut Senator On Twitter Over Military Service


President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday to blast Sen. Richard Blumenthal shortly after he appeared on CNN the same morning. The Democratic Connecticut senator spoke on CNN’s “New Day” about the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and how the Department of Justice’s crackdown on leaks is concerning. “Interesting to watch Senator…

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On the allegation about some sort of “…collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia…,” it’s time for the Clinton wing and media to say exactly what they are talking about. Since November, we have heard an ongoing list of allegations that have all collapsed under the weight of the facts. Think: Since Trump took office , there has been a notable buildup of US/NATO troops near Russia’s border. The international community sees this as a possible US provocation of war, against Russia. Now add in the Trump sanctions, understood by the sane world as economic warfare.

The only way you could call this “collusion” is if you are saying that the Trump administration has been engaged in acts of high treason, with the goal of destroying the US. That’s a profoundly serious charge. If that’s the case, why haven’t Democrats taken legal action, or at the least, pursued a formal investigation?