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You may have noticed a decrease in social media activity this weekend and that is because we have been working on website improvements. As of now things look about the same, but there have been changes under the hood. First, we have upgraded hosting which will allow us to do more creative things moving forward. With this upgrade we have improved our horrible search feature. We now have two search bars on the side panel of the website. The top search bar is 100% dedicated to finding just sources. It filters out all news articles and only searches source pages. In testing I have found that the source I wanted was always ranked on top. Give it a try. The second search bar is one that is powered by Google and searches the entire website. This is the search to use, to find not just sources, but also old articles or any other information that is buried on the website.

A few other things that have changed is there are less ads. Ads are essential to keep this site above water and we are hoping that with decreased ads perhaps we will make up for it in donations. We shall see. Along with less ads we are also enhancing our SEO. This will be a long and lengthy process that no one will notice. Our News by Bias feeds have also been enhanced and look a lot nicer.

Over the next week there will be some experimentation going on and probably fixing a lot of broken things. Please bear with us as we try to improve this website.

Dave Van Zandt

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