Media Bias Fact Check Quick Website Update

As we have been saying for a long time we are moving to self hosting, which will allow significant freedom in both design and database use. The advertising on the website has generated enough revenue to move forward with this in the next month. Unfortunately, advertising is a necessary evil to fund this project at this time. Of course donations would help too…hint, hint, wink, wink. See our side bar to donate if you choose.

When this migration occurs you may not see much change to the layout of the site, but you will see a huge difference in search capability. We are making sure the search only looks at our database of ratings instead of articles that seem to get in the way of the information people want. Once the search is squared away, we will move to a more slick and clean design that better reflects the 21st century. Again, as said previously, we believe our content is more important than look, but it would be nice to have a cleaner, more attractive website. Of course this will fuel more government conspiracy accusations. Amazing, but true!

If you ever get a message that this website is down, it is only because of this migration and we will be back. We are planning on doing it some Sunday Night late in the evening, which is our slowest traffic time. The plan is to do this in the month of May, which has always been the target. Thanks for all of your support! As always, we welcome feedback and criticism.

And by the way, tonight we added our 1400th source. Amazing! Thanks for all the source submissions. We are only 260 behind, but keep them coming. One at a time we will get them added. It just might take a few months to get to yours, but we keep all of them for review.

Dave Van Zandt

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