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We received some positive feedback regarding the live stream of the Comey hearing and felt like we should offer more live streams. The problem with live streams is they often appear and disappear without notice. We have added a new page that currently has 6 live news streams. We will add more as they come available. We currently have MSNBC representing the Left, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, France 24, and Sky News representing the Left-Center. Fox News is representing the right. We are searching for a station to fill the least biased and right-center category.

This is an experiment at this point. If the streams are constantly going off and we have to adjust them then we may scrap it. We will also use the Live TV News page to broadcast big political live events such as hearings, etc.

You can view the Live TV Page here:

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2 Comments on "Live TV News now on Media Bias/Fact Check"

  1. Minoa on NationStates | March 22, 2017 at 6:32 am |


    You should also check the comments often: for example, I found spam at

    Comment spammers sometimes disguise themselves as genuine commenters until you find out the site that they link to.

    Speaking of links, I have advised that it is a good idea not to link hate sites like Real Jew News and JewWatch, or at least use “rel=nofollow” on external links: see

  2. I am using no follow on those links. I will be adding that to all other hate sites. I need to keep the link though because that is how our Chrome Extensions pulls info from the website.


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