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logoAccording to today’s Real Clear Politics Poll Average Hillary Clinton holds a 6.7% lead over Donald Trump in a 2 person race.  In a 4 person race Clinton holds a 5.3% lead.  In the most recent poll conducted by LA Times/USC Tracking they are tied at 44% each.  This is a huge contrast to the Fox News poll conducted on October 12 that showed Clinton with an 8 point advantage.  It should be noted that the LA Times/USC Tracking Poll had a sampling 3 times larger than the Fox News Poll.

Here is a breakdown of the current RCP averages for the Battleground States.  Clinton holds a huge advantage in these critical states.

Battlegrounds   Clinton   Trump   Spread
Florida 45.3   42.4 Clinton +2.9Trending Up
Ohio 44.0   42.4 Clinton +1.6
Pennsylvania 47.3   39.0 Clinton +8.3
New Hampshire 43.3   39.7 Clinton +3.6Trending Down
North Carolina 45.0   42.1 Clinton +2.9
Iowa 38.0   41.7 Trump +3.7
Nevada 43.8   42.3 Clinton +1.5

Looking at the electoral college map it shows that Clinton currently has 256 Electoral votes locked up and Trump 170.  There are currently 112 electoral votes that are a toss-up.  At this time Clinton is leading in most Toss-up states.

Conclusion: As of now Clinton has a clear path to winning the election and Donald Trump has a very narrow path.  Things can change over the next few weeks, especially in the Battleground States where many of the polls are within the margin of error.

Source: Website – Real Clear Politics

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