More Trump Accusers Come Forward: Should we wait for Evidence?

logo(Opinion) I rarely write opinion pieces because I feel it would reveal bias.  I decided to weigh in on the Trump debacle because this whole story does involve media bias to a large degree. I’ll keep it neutral.  I promise.

It has been one week since a video was released showing Presidential Nominee Donald Trump using lewd and suggestive language about women.  Some have called Trump’s words “sexual assault”, while others dismissed them as “just an Alpha Male”, bragging.  Donald Trump claims his language was merely “Locker room talk” and that he has never actually done the things he claimed in the video.  Essentially, Trump’s claim, in the video, is that he can grab and kiss women because he is Donald Trump (rich and powerful).  However, at this time, there is not any evidence to substantiate that he did those things.

Over the last week several women have come forward to claim that Trump did grope them or kiss them without consent.  It seems each day brings a new woman coming forward to tell her story.  While these claims have not been proven, the Trump campaign has been facing intense media scrutiny and poll numbers have reflected a decrease for Trump, especially in swing states where he must win to even compete.

Here at MBFCnews we demand evidence in order to form an opinion or judgement.  The evidence thus far is simply not valid, though damning with the sheer numbers of women coming forward.  Remember Bill Cosby?  With the amount of women coming forward, and the words caught on tape, there certainly seems to be a lot of smoke.  We all have heard the phrase, “Where there is smoke?”  I’ll leave it at that and wait for more evidence.  I suggest you do the same.  We have another 3.5 weeks to see if a fire starts.

My point is, that while it looks very bad for Mr. Trump, nothing has been proven and it is doubtful it will before the election.  Check your sources carefully and be informed.  This is not a normal election!  In an election year bias is more pronounced than usual and in this election it is “Off the chart!”  Hopefully, the resources on this site will help to filter it.

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