Guns at the Republican Convention Causing Fears


cropped-logo.pngAs Monday’s Republican convention draws near backers and opponents of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have expressed concerns about the prospect of weapons being carried in the open around the convention site.

Ohio, like many other states, allows licensed gun owners to carry their weapons in public.  Gun rights activists, have expressed that the right should also apply to large-scale events such as concerts, sporting events and even the convention.

The head of Cleveland’s police union urged Ohio Governor John Kasich to suspend laws regarding the open display of firearms during the convention. Kasich, who had challenged Trump for the Republican nomination, said he lacked the legal authority to take such a step.

As of this writing it appears that protesters and supporters outside of the convention hall will be allowed to carry firearms, however within the convention hall itself firearms are banned as the convention is under temporary federal jurisdiction. There has been great concern expressed by law enforcement that the open carrying of weapons outside of the convention may lead to unnecessary violence.  Security will be tight.

Source: Reuters

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