Fact Check: Is Trump’s Plan to Ban All Muslims the Same as Carter’s Ban on Iranians


blatant-lieThere is a Meme circulating around social media that compares Trump’s ban on all Muslims to Jimmy Carter’s ban on Iranian visa’s in 1979.  The meme reads: “How many are aware that President Carter banned Iranians from coming to the US, with the exception of those with a major medical emergency or threat of political persecution? Additionally, between November 1979 and April 1980, 14,768 Iranians (2,204 were students) were removed from the country. It all happened under executive orders #12172 and 12206).”  The meme shows a picture of Trump and Carter side by side to indicate they are the same.

This meme is an example of false equivalency.  The president has the legal authority to ban visas from any country they wish.  In fact, the president can ban all immigration if he/she chooses to.  This has been done several times in our history.  Further, Carter’s ban was used put diplomatic pressure on Iran in order to free the hostages.  It was not about national security as Trump claims his plan is.  Carter was applying sanctions by banning visas from Iran.  Trump on the other hand is blocking an entire religion, which most likely would be ruled unconstitutional.

The Verdict: Carter’s ban was legal and a form of sanctions against a country.  Trump’s plan appears to be illegal and targets an entire religion, which is unprecedented.  There is no comparison between the two.  We rate this a Blatant Lie.

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