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A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source. See all Questionable sources.

Reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Fake News

Political Site News is a news and opinion website with extreme right-wing bias in reporting. All headlines and content use strong loaded words that favor the right and denigrates the left. In the last week this source has published two fake news stories. The first fake news story involves Malia Obama being arrested for Marijuana. She wasn’t. The next fake story is how the cop who arrested her was found dead. He wasn’t. Since Political Site News does not have an about page or disclaimer to indicate they are satire, we will just have to assume this is a fake right-wing news site. (D. Van Zandt 8/17/17)

Update: This source has not published new content since August 2018.

Source: http://politicalsitenews.com

Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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