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These sources have minimal bias and use very few loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes).  The reporting is factual and usually sourced.  These are the most credible media sources. See all Least Biased Sources.

Update: This source is no longer online.

Factual Reporting: HIGH

According to the Crimeola about page they “Provide you with news on crime and justice in America. We also aim to bring you in-depth analysis on crimes past and present and profiles on criminals and victims in the news and throughout history. We cover celebrity crime, murderers, drug charges, fugitives of justice, international crime, missing people, mass shootings, organized crime, serial killers, sex crimes, terrorism, domestic abuse, trials, executions, unsolved crimes, and more, with a focus on what’s trending and relevant to the American public.

In review, Crimeola does exactly as their about page says, they cover crime with minimal bias and very little loaded words. Each story Crimeola covers is very well sourced to credible media outlets that are typically in the mainstream or from local sources where the crime occurred. A factual search reveals that they have never failed a fact check. Overall, this is a least biased source that is high in factual reporting. (D. Van Zandt 2/9/2018)


Last Updated on May 22, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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