MBFC’s Weekly Media Literacy Quiz Covering the Week of Mar 26th – APR 1st

Welcome to our weekly media literacy quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge of the past week’s events with a focus on facts, misinformation, bias, and general media literacy. Please share and compare your results.

Media Literacy = the ability to critically analyze stories presented in the mass media and to determine their accuracy or credibility.

Media Literacy Quiz for Week of Mar 31

Test your knowledge with 7 questions about current events, media bias, fact checks, and misinformation.

Rules: No Googling! Use reasoning and logic if you don't know.

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2 Comments on "MBFC’s Weekly Media Literacy Quiz Covering the Week of Mar 26th – APR 1st"

  1. Richard Babylon | April 1, 2023 at 2:21 pm |

    Only 5 out of 7 correct. But I’m proud to say I got that score with #1 and #3 being the only ones I was sure about. I really like that you’re testing our critical thinking skills. 🙂 It’s critically important, and woefully absent in the world.

    I want to learn more about CRAAP; that’s a new concept to me. I carefully considered all the possibilities for its meaning, but there was at least one word in each set that made me skeptical. For example, “credibility” as one of the tests for credibility didn’t make sense to me. Likewise, “accuracy.” As subjective assessments by the average news consumer these seem risky and error-prone. But as with so much else, I’m sure the devil is in the details. I’ll definitely be researching this.

    And I’m so glad I was wrong about #4. These days, one never knows. I have no doubt the sentiment alluded to in the question exists whether it’s been made public or not. Indeed, Marjorie Taylor Greene strongly alluded to it from her position in Congress.

  2. I got the tide level in San Francisco wrong…kinda dumb now that I think about it because why wouldn’t they have risen considering the rise in ocean levels in general over time??


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