ABC suspends journalist over inaccurate Flynn report

The US news network ABC announced Saturday it had suspended its chief investigative correspondent for four weeks without pay after he was forced to correct a bombshell report on ex-Trump aide Michael Flynn. … ‘ should do the same with their Fake news ” Flynn’s guilty plea, on a federal charge of making false statements to investigators, came with a pledge to cooperate with special prosecutor…

AFP (Agence France Presse) - Least Biased News Agency

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2 Comments on "ABC suspends journalist over inaccurate Flynn report"

  1. Yet, after nearly a year, US media have utterly failed to show how any communication between either Trump or Clinton (or their teams) and Russia had any impact or influence on the election — much less, on how it translates into “Russia stole the election.” The Flynn issue concerns a failure to adequately (in detail) report the contents of an apparently-brief discussion Flynn had with Russian ambassador Kislyak. It is NOT an accusation of any unlawful, traitorous activity. Based on everything I’ve read to date, I don’t see how anything about that conversation had any influence on the election whatsoever. Most voting choices were based on economic issues, not foreign policy. Russia was a virtual non-issue throughout.

    US media have spent the year spinning the wildly convoluted anti-Russian Tale, ranging from claims that Russia hacked into voting machines to claims that “Russian operatives” virtually hypnotized Americans vote for Trump (although Clinton got the most votes…). We now see America pursue communist-style efforts to censor out/prohibit access to all Russian media — including strictly religious content!

  2. Most of the things ABC calls news is innuendo, accusations, and slanted. I suppose ABC;s role in politics from this point well be to support their agenda. It’s unfortunate that all of the news has become nothing more that a tool to promote an agenda.


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