US College Students Unveil Russian Propaganda With Chrome Extension, Bot

Executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google will testify before the U.S. … to do is keep our biases out of the algorithm. This is something we wanted to be really thoughtful about,” Bhat said. “The big problem with Facebook is they have these echo chambers… what they end up …

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1 Comment on "US College Students Unveil Russian Propaganda With Chrome Extension, Bot"

  1. This part of the Russian Tale ran its course a couple of times already, and it still lacks legitimacy and relevance. (I’m among those masses weirdly declared a “Russian troll” for daring to point out Hillary Clinton’s long record of support for the right wing agenda.) The claims about some vast conspiracy to use trolls and bots to virtually hypnotize the “ignorant masses” into (pick an agenda) are as ludicrous as old Joe McCarthy’s fears of a “communist in every school, under every bed.”

    It’s likely that most countries communicate online — even across borders. It is certain that ideas seep through the Internet that contradict popular American propaganda, and it’s possible that some come from any nation around the world. I understand that the intent is to keep spinning the anti-Russian Tale until after the 2018 election, but damn, with all the money we give those in power, can’t they at least be a little more creative?


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