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World Socialist Web Site - Left BiasLEFT BIAS

These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation.  They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Left Bias sources.

Factual Reporting: HIGH

Notes: The World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) is a widely accessed international socialist news site that is the online news and information center of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI). The site is closely associated with the Trotskyist Socialist Equality Party. The World Socialist Web Site publishes articles and analysis of news and events all around the world updated on a daily basis.  The American right-wing press has referenced the World Socialist Web Site as an example of left-wing extremism (The Las Vegas Review-Journal, 29 March 2006). WSWS uses loaded words in headlines and articles. They have a strong pro-socialist bias in reporting, however they generally source to credible media sources. (D. Van Zandt 5/5/2017)