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What is the difference between the bias rating arrow and the voting poll?

The bias rating arrow found on the top of source pages is determined by MBFC researchers using our methodology. This is the official bias rating that we endorse. The voting poll serves two purposes. First, it is a way for people to interact with the website and to voice their opinion. Second, it gives the reader more information. They can compare our rating to the public’s opinion to see if there is a significant difference or not. To be clear, the voting poll does not impact the bias rating arrow. The only time we may take a Voting Poll into consideration is if the Voting Results are the opposite of our rating, such as we have them rated Left, but the majority of voters rate them Right. This would prompt us to re-review that source.

How come the Voting Poll shows Extreme Left or Right, but your rating says Left-Center or Right-Center?

We thoroughly examine each source applying our methodology to determine bias. This same methodology is applied to all sources in a neutral manner and utilizes multiple factors. The voting poll on the other hand, allows anyone, especially those who may hold strong biases to vote against a source they do not like. For example, anyone who classifies the New York Times as Extreme Left or the Wall Street Journal as Extreme Right, obviously has significant, out of proportion personal biases, as it relates to media bias. This skews the voting polls out of proportion to our evaluated rating.

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