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Factual Reporting: VERY HIGH

Notes: Roll Call is a solid “just the facts” news source, featuring a writing staff with an impressive set of credentials in political journalism. The articles are well sourced, and the information is presented “as is” with very minimal bias. While looking through the articles one in particular caught my attention. The article addressed the much hyped, on both sides, possibility of using National Guard troops to assist ICE in finding and deporting illegal immigrants. There is no real substance to the claim at this point, which came from an early draft of a “what if” style memo that never reached any official level.  I’ve read numerous articles on the issue, and Roll Call’s article was the fairest and least biased I have seen.

The only “negative” I found was in the editorial content. For a site that is so balanced in other areas, the editorials do reveal a slight left bias. While I understand that op-ed pages are just that, opinions, I wouldn’t mind seeing some opposing views as well. Still, if you just stick with the articles, I have to say that Roll Call is the best site I’ve found in quite some time for fair, factual, and informative journalism. (D. Kelley 2/18/2017)