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With so many sources in our database we simply can’t keep up with reviewing all fact checks for our listed sources. You can help Media Bias Fact Check stay up-to-date and accurate in our ratings by submitting sources that have recently failed fact checks. We will only accept fact checks that were done by signatories of the International Fact Checking Network. Please review the list below before submitting:

Verified IFCN Signatories

  1. 20 Minutes Fake off (France)
  2. AFP Factuel (France)
  3. Animal Politico – El Sabueso (Mexico)
  4. Africa Check (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal)
  5. Agência Lupa (Brazil)
  6. Agência Pública – Truco (Brazil)
  7. Aos Fatos (Brazil)
  8. AP Fact Check (USA)
  9. BOOM (India)
  10. Chequeado (Argentina)
  11. Climate Feedback (USA)
  12. Colombiacheck (Colombia)
  13. Correctiv (Germany)
  14. Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
  15. (Czech Republic)
  16. Dogruluk Payi (Turkey)
  17. Dubawa (Nigeria)
  18. FactCheck Georgia (Georgia)
  19. (Kazakhstan)
  20. FactCheck Northern Ireland (UK)
  21. Faktisk (Norway)
  22. Faktograf (Croatia)
  23. Full Fact (UK)
  24. Istinomer (Serbia)
  25. Istinomjer (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  26. Krypometer (Kosovo)
  27. La Silla Vacía (Colombia)
  28. La Voce (Italy)
  29. Le Monde Décodeurs (France)
  30. Lead Stories (USA)
  31. Libération – CheckNews (France)
  32. Liputan 6 – Cek Fakta (Indonesia)
  33. Mafindo (Indonesia)
  34. Maldito Bulo (Spain)
  35. News Mobile Fact Checker (India)
  36. Newtral (Spain)
  37. Observador Fact Check (Portugal)
  38. Pagella Politica (Italy)
  39. Patikrinta (Lithuania)
  40. Pesa Check (Kenya)
  41. PolitiFact (USA)
  42. Rappler (Philippines)
  43. Snopes (USA)
  44. Taiwan Fact Checker (Taiwan)
  45. Tempo Co (Indonesia)
  46. (Turkey)
  47. The Conversation FactCheck (Australia)
  48. Fact Check (Ireland)
  49. The Washington Post Fact Checker (USA)
  50. The Whistle (Israel)
  51. – Periksa Fakta (Indonesia)
  52. (Denmark)
  53. T.V. Today (India)
  54. Vera Files (Philippines)
  55. Viralgranskaren (Sweden)
  56. VoxCheck (Ukraine)


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