The Latest Fact Checks from the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) 8/02/2019


The code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network IFCN at Poynter is a series of commitments organizations abide by to promote excellence in fact-checking. The following fact checks come from IFCN fact checkers. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim by Donald Trump: “What I’ve done for African Americans in two and a half years, no president has been able to do anything like it.”

Claim by Tulsi Gabbard: Harris “put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.”

 rating: Handled by lower-level attorneys

Claim by Kamala Harris: “I went to a place in Florida called Homestead, and there is a private detention facility being paid for by your taxpayer dollars — a private detention facility — that currently houses 2,700 children.”

 rating: Outdated number

Claim by Michael Bennett: “I believe we should finish the job we started with the Affordable Care Act with a public option that gives everybody in this audience the chance to pick for their family whether they want private insurance or public insurance and requires drug companies to be negotiated with by…

 rating: Future uncertain

Claim by Multiple sources: 157,519 ‘Islamic-inspired terrorist attacks’ were carried out between 1970 and 2015

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